Psychotherapy is a unique relationship, a kind of connection that is unlike any other kind of relationship a person has in their life. In some ways, it can be more intimate than our most intimate relationships, but it also paradoxically values a vestige of professional distance between therapist and client.

Therapists, alas, are just as human as the clients they see and come with the same human foibles. They have bad habits, as we all do, but some of those habits have the very real potential of interfering with the psychotherapy process and the unique psychotherapy relationship.

So without further ado, here are twelve things you wish your therapist didn’t do — some of which may actually harm the psychotherapeutic relationship.

  1. Showing up late for the appointment.
  2. Eating in front of the client.
  3. Yawning or sleeping during session.
  4. Inappropriate disclosures.
  5. Being impossible to reach by phone or email.
  6. Distracted by a phone, cell phone, computer or pet.
  7. Expressing racial, sexual, musical, lifestyle and religious preferences.
  8. Bringing your pet to the psychotherapy session.
  9. Hugging and physical contact.
  10. Inappropriate displays of wealth or dress.
  11. Clock watching.
  12. Excessive note-taking.

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