AA and 12 step alcoholism treatment programs

The author of this report notes that AA self-help groups are the most commonly accessed component of treatment for alcoholism and alcohol-related problems. Additionally, the concepts and approaches of AA have significantly influenced other twelve-step programs in professional treatment.

Research has indicated that participation in AA or other 12-step programs results in reductions in substance abuse and also in psychiatric problems, reducing health care costs over time.

Section headings in this book chapter include:

  1. nature and prevalence of AA;
  2. nature and prevalence of 12-step treatment programs;
  3. evaluations of community-based AA groups;
  4. evaluation research on 12-step oriented professional treatment programs
  5. potential future research directions.

Research report; Humphreys, K. Alcoholics Anonymous and 12-step alcoholism treatment programs. In: M. Galanter, Ed., Recent Developments in Alcoholism: Volume 16. Research on Alcoholism Treatment, New York, NY: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, 2003. (pp. 149-164)