The American National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has announced a ‘Five Year Strategic Plan’ titled ‘Alcohol Across the Lifespan’

The Lifespan Perspective

Investigators traditionally have pursued solutions to the wide range of alcohol-related issues through studies of alcohol’s effects on biological systems, the genetic factors underlying these biological effects, and the environmental and cultural factors that influence alcohol use.

This Plan applies a new organizing principle the lifespan perspective to these diverse areas of alcohol research.

Scientists now recognize that human biology and behavior continues to change throughout life and changes occurring throughout the lifespan affect individuals’ drinking patterns as well as the decisions they may make to change their drinking habits or to seek help for alcohol use problems.

A lifespan perspective will allow researchers to identify how the emergence and progression of drinking behavior is influenced by changes in biology, psychology, and in exposure to social and environmental inputs over a person’s lifetime, and vice versa.

This approach should help researchers discover life stage- appropriate strategies for identifying, treating, and preventing alcohol use disorders.

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