Twelve Step

Education for Twelve Step Facilitation of alcoholism and addiction

  • Bad Bedside Manners

    8 Ways to Help Patients Feel Human More than most many recovering alcoholics, addicts and co-dependent people have experienced the following. One should insist on ones rights and respect – quietly and assertively. Dehumanization is endemic in medical practice. This article discusses the psychology of dehumanization resulting from inherent features of medical settings, the doctor–patient …∞

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    Mental Health Screening

    Acceptability of mental health screening in routine addictions treatment Abstract Objective The objective was to investigate patients’ views on the application of case finding and screening methods for common mental disorders in an addiction treatment service. Method Qualitative thematic analysis of semistructured interviews with a purposive sample of 19 participants. Participants took part in diagnostic …∞

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    Doctors Drinking Affects Next Days Surgery

    Persistent Next-Day Effects of Excessive Alcohol Consumption on Laparoscopic Surgical Performance Purpose; To examine the effect of previous-day excessive alcohol consumption on laparoscopic surgical performance. Study 1 was a randomized controlled trial. Study 2 was a cohort study. Sixteen science students (laparoscopic novices) participated in study 1. Eight laparoscopic experts participated in study 2. All …∞

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    Doctors Advice on Alcohol

    Doctors who drink more themselves are more liberal in their advice to patients on alcohol consumption.

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    Free Resources for Drug Abuse Counselors

    Free Online Training for Drug Abuse Counselors Created and hosted by: Health Care Evaluation, Program Evaluation and Resource Center, VA Palo Alto Health Care System and Stanford University School of Medicine This self-paced online course is designed to provide practicing substance abuse counselors with the knowledge, skills and abilities required to successfully implement Cognitive Behavioral …∞

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    Alcoholic Brain Damage Regrowth

    Abstinence May Make The Brain Grow Stronger • Chronic alcohol abuse leads to structural brain damage. • The damage includes loss of gray matter in the cortex and loss of white matter throughout the brain. • The greatest tissue loss occurs in the frontal lobe and cerebellum. • Prolonged abstinence from alcohol appears to allow …∞

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    ER Doctor Can Help Reduce Drinking

    Seven Minutes of Counseling by ER Doctor Can Help Reduce Drinking People who engage in hazardous and harmful drinking are more likely to reduce their consumption of alcohol for at least one year if they receive just seven minutes of counseling from an emergency room physician, a new study finds. Physician counseling can also reduce …∞

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