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  • AA and a social model of treatment

    A NATURALISTIC COMPARISON OF OUTCOMES AT SOCIAL AND CLINICAL MODEL SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT PROGRAMS. Since the 1970s, much of the public treatment system in California has been based on a social model orientation to recovery for alcoholics, but there has been minimal research on program outcomes. This article reports on follow-up interviews conducted with a …∞

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    Common Problems in Recovery

    Common Problems in
    Patients Recovering from
    Chemical Dependency
    Chemical dependency is a
    common, chronic disease
    that affects up to 25
    percent of patients seen in
    primary care practices. The
    treatment goal for patients
    recovering from chemical
    dependency should be to
    avoid relapse. This requires
    physicians to have an
    open, nonjudgmental
    attitude and specific
    expertise about the
    implications of addiction for
    other health problems.
    Firstline treatment for
    chemical dependency
    should be
    nonpharmacologic, but
    when medication is
    necessary, physicians
    should avoid drugs that
    have the potential for
    abuse or addiction.
    Medications that sedate or
    otherwise impair judgment
    also should be avoided in
    the recovering patient.
    Psychiatric illnesses should
    be aggressively treated,
    because untreated

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    Painkiller abuse

    Painkiller abuse Painkiller
    abuse continues to grow;
    new treatments offer hope
    Increasingly, drug abusers
    are getting their next fix
    from their medicine
    cabinets, instead of from
    drug dealers. More than 6
    million Americans abuse
    prescription drugs,
    according to the U.S. Drug
    Administration. One in 10
    teenagers admits to
    abusing painkillers, such as
    Vicodin and Oxycontin.
    Painkillers cause more
    overdoses than cocaine
    and heroin combined.
    “Access to prescription
    painkillers has never been
    easier,” says addictions
    psychiatrist Donna Yi, MD,
    associate chief of staff and
    clinical director for The
    Menninger Clinic and
    assistant professor in the
    Menninger Department of
    Psychiatry & Behavioral
    Sciences at Baylor College
    of Medicine

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    Stricter Sobriety Standards for California Health Professionals

    Stricter Sobriety Standards for California Health Professionals November 30, 2009 Nurses, doctors, dentists and other health professionals in California who are in treatment for alcohol and other drug problems will now be subject to stricter oversight and could be immediately removed from practice should they relapse, the Los Angeles Times reported. Health workers will now …∞

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    The Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome – Detox

    Although some patients have mild symptoms and may even be managed in the outpatient setting, others have more severe symptoms

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    Alcohol use by healthcare professionals.

    This study investigated alcohol use, misuse and abuse in a sample of dentists, nurses, pharmacists and physicians. Previous studies have lacked cross healthcare group comparisons and have rarely included dentists. METHODS: As part of a larger mail survey, 479 healthcare professionals (68.7% response) completed self-report items on patterns of alcohol use, monthly drinking, heavy episodic …∞

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    Families, mental health & alcohol abuse

    Multiple psychiatric disorder risk for families with alcohol dependence First-degree relatives of people dependent on alcohol are not only at increased risk of becoming addicted to alcohol and other drugs such as cocaine, but also of developing psychiatric disorders such as depression and panic disorder, study findings indicate. Noting that alcohol dependence tends to aggregate …∞

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    Patient Mental Illness in a Dental School Clinic

    Self-reported mental illness in a dental school clinic population The purpose of this study is to assess the prevalence of mental illness in a university-based dental clinic population. Dentists routinely review the patient’s medical history to identify any physical disease or condition that may impact dental treatment. Mental illness may also affect dental treatment and …∞

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    Nicotine as a Marker for Alcohol & Psychiatric Disorders

    In Alcohol-Dependent Drinkers, What Does the Presence of Nicotine Dependence Tell Us About Psychiatric and Addictive Disorders Comorbidity? AIM: To examine the pattern of psychiatric comorbidity associated with nicotine dependence among alcohol-dependent respondents in the general population. METHODS: Drawn from a US national survey of 43,000 adults who took part in a face-to-face interview (The …∞

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