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  • Characteristics of Children of Alcoholics

    Characteristics of Children
    of Alcoholics KENNETH J.
    SHER, PH.D. More than 20
    years ago, researchers
    first noted that children of
    alcoholics (COA’;s)
    appeared to be affected
    by a variety of problems
    over the course of their life
    span. Such problems
    include; fetal alcohol
    syndrome, which is first
    manifested in infancy;
    emotional problems and
    hyperactivity in childhood;
    emotional problems and
    conduct problems in
    adolescence; and the
    development of alcoholism
    in adulthood. Although
    much has been learned
    over the ensuing two
    decades, a number of
    controversial research
    areas remain. In particular,
    debate stems from the fact
    that despite a common
    interest in COA’;s, clinically

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