Twelve Step

Education for Twelve Step Facilitation of alcoholism and addiction

  • Bad Bedside Manners

    8 Ways to Help Patients Feel Human More than most many recovering alcoholics, addicts and co-dependent people have experienced the following. One should insist on ones rights and respect – quietly and assertively. Dehumanization is endemic in medical practice. This article discusses the psychology of dehumanization resulting from inherent features of medical settings, the doctor–patient …∞

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    12 Bad Habits of Therapists

    Psychotherapy is a unique relationship, a kind of connection that is unlike any other kind of relationship a person has in their life. In some ways, it can be more intimate than our most intimate relationships, but it also paradoxically values a vestige of professional distance between therapist and client. Therapists, alas, are just as …∞

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    Al?Anon Works

    Building Healthy Relationship With One’s Self In Al-Anon As a family recovery coach, my radar goes up when I hear clients talking about how much someone else’s drinking is bothering them. What the drinker’s actual diagnosis is or isn’t, is not important to me. If their drinking is bothering my client, I gently begin asking …∞

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    Definition of Recovery

    A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

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    Children Of Alcoholics

    A child being raised by a parent or caregiver suffering from alcoholism is in a difficult position because they cannot go to their own parents for support. Some of the feelings can include the following: Guilt. The child may see himself or herself as the main cause of the mother’s or father’s drinking. Anxiety.  The …∞

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    Playboy, Masculine Norms and Drinking

    “Man-ing” up and getting drunk: The role of masculine norms, alcohol intoxication and alcohol-related problems among college men  Research Highlights Masculine norms may help explain patterns of problematic drinking among men. Fraternity status and higher peer norms were associated with drinking to intoxication. Playboy, risk-taking and winning norms were risk factors of drinking to intoxication. …∞

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    Better Treatment for Women Alcoholics

    Early treatment for women with alcohol addiction (EWA) reduces mortality: a randomized controlled trial with long-term register follow-up. Compared to usual treatment, over the next 27 years introduction of a comprehensively serviced female-only alcohol treatment unit in Sweden substantially extended the lives of its patients – a uniquely convincing demonstration that improving treatment can save …∞

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    Severe Physical Abuse of Older Adults

    Image via Wikipedia A Case–Control Study of Severe Physical Abuse of Older Adults OBJECTIVES: To characterize the severity and outcome of traumatic injuries suffered by victims of elder abuse, describe the characteristics of the perpetrators, and identify risk factors associated with severe traumatic elder abuse. PARTICIPANTS: Forty-one cases of elder abuse resulting in severe traumatic …∞

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