Twelve Step

Education for Twelve Step Facilitation of alcoholism and addiction

  • TSF and other models

    CONTRAST TO OTHER COUNSELING APPROACHES Most Similar Counseling Approaches TSF has its roots in the Minnesota Model first described by Daniel J. Anderson and as implemented in most AA-oriented treatment programs (e.g.,the Hazelden Foundation, the Betty Ford Foundation, the Sierra Tuscan Center, and others). These models assume addiction can be arrested but not cured, ascribe …∞

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    Concept of Alcoholism

    Concept of Alcoholism In TSF and Brief-TSF alcoholism is considered an illness that affects individuals both mentally and physically in such a way that they are unable to control their use of alcohol. Viewed from this perspective, the concept of controlled use of alcohol amounts to denial of the primary problem, that is, loss of …∞

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    Brief-TSF theory

    Brief-TSF Theoretical Rationale/Mechanism of Action The theoretical rationale is based in the 12 steps and 12 traditions of AA and includes the need to accept that willpower alone is not sufficient to achieve sustained sobriety, that self-centredness must be replaced by surrender to the group process/conscience, and that long-term recovery consists of a process of …∞

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    Cost-Effectiveness of Home Visits for Alcoholism

    Cost-Effectiveness of Home Visits in the Outpatient Treatment of Patients with Alcohol Dependence The purpose of this study was to compare the cost-effectiveness of conventional outpatient treatment for alcoholic patients (CT) with this same conventional treatment plus home visits (HV), a new proposal for intervention within the Brazilian outpatient treatment system. A cost-effectiveness evaluation alongside …∞

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    Slogans for everyday life in AA

    Slogans for everyday life
    and the ethical practices of
    alcoholics anonymous
    Alcoholics Anonymous has
    developed an oral tradition
    for teaching people to alter
    their relation to their own
    desires and their own
    freedom fundamentally,
    teaching that is done
    through practice rather
    than through ideas. Our
    study of AA’;s innovative
    organisational tools for
    building long-lasting
    mutual-help groups shows
    that the same tools that
    build the organisation also
    exemplify and embody the
    organisation’;s ethical
    worldview. To that extent,
    AA’;s group practices are
    worth studying not only
    from the point of view of
    learning about bottom-up,
    non-expert-led networks
    but also to shed light on
    the development of a
    popular pragmatist ethics in
    which little techniques -

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