Faith Community Nurses and the Prevention and Management of Addiction Problems

Faith Community Nurses can have a role in the prevention and management of problems associated with the use and abuse of psychoactive substances, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter medications.

Religious perspectives of faith communities on the use of drugs vary considerably, as do the religious perspectives of addiction.

Nevertheless, Faith Community Nurses work in these communities and understand the unique culture of these groups.

The Faith Community Nurse has many functions including health educator, health advocate, personal health counselor, referral agent, coordinator of volunteers, developer of support groups, and integrator of health and faith.

Consequently, the Faith Community Nurse is involved with individuals, families, and members of the community.

These connections provide many opportunities for the Faith Community Nurse to institute programs to prevent addictions, help people understand the problems of addiction, help provide a caring community for people suffering from addictions, and guide people to the help they need.

In addition, the nurse has opportunities to conduct research that would enhance the understanding of the topic.

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