Dentist A healthy dentist is one of the most important ingredients in a successful dental practice. An ingredient not to be taken for granted. Professionals, dentists included, can and do experience illnesses and problems that can disrupt or impair a practice.

In addition to the vulnerabilities of the human condition–addictive disorders, psychiatric illnesses, infectious disease, family and relationship problems, or the many varieties of human misery–dentists have undergone a powerful process of socialization into their professional role that makes it difficult to seek help for themselves.

Stigma about addictive and psychiatric illnesses continues to be a problem despite significant advances in scientific understanding of these disorders.

Many people, especially those in positions of community visibility as dentists are, still struggle with shame when they associate problems with personal failure.

Dental societies are in an ideal position to provide resources and support, should they choose to take this opportunity, and the ADA has the information and expertise to help them do this.

PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS: Dentists can become more aware of their own vulnerabilities and enhance their personal and professional effectiveness, as well as evaluate ways they may support their staff and colleagues.

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