Spirituality: its starring role in recovery from addiction

Abstract; The recovery experiences of professionals and volunteers in the alcohol and drug addiction recovery field serve as a glimpse of the role spirituality played in transforming them from substance abusers into abstainers from their drug of choice.

Study participants include former addicts who now serve as outreach workers, mentors, peer and professional counselors to people with addictions.

The paths and forms of spirituality are varied and, for some, changing but from the participants’ experiences two aspects of spirituality emerge.

  • The first is the notion of community, which the author calls ‘we-ness’.
  • The second aspect is the desire to be of service.

This paper presents the participants’ definitions of spirituality. It also describes how, for the participants, spirituality serves as a catalyst for compassionate service to people still in active addiction.

Correspondingly, one’s own abstinence from drugs and alcohol is cultivated and maintained by helping others.

Research; Victoria Marie. Spirituality: its starring role in recovery from addiction. Spirituality and Health International. Volume 8, Issue 3 , Pages 148 – 156.

The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography (Oprah’s Book Club)