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Education for Twelve Step Facilitation of alcoholism and addiction

  • Treatment and AA Attendance

    7-year trajectories of Alcoholics Anonymous attendance and associations with treatment Although many members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are introduced to AA during treatment, the relationship between treatment and AA attendance over time is unknown. This paper describes four latent classes of AA attendance among 586 dependent alcoholics interviewed by telephone 1, 3, 5 and 7 …∞

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    How AA Members Get Sober in Taiwan

    An ongoing process: A qualitative study of how the alcohol-dependent free themselves of addiction through progressive abstinence Abstract (provisional) Background Most people being treated for alcoholism are unable to successfully quit drinking within their treatment programs. In few cases do we know the full picture of how abstinence is achieved in Taiwan. We tracked processes …∞

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    Research Confirms AA Effectiveness

    Science Validates Long Held Beliefs About AA There have been many studies extolling the benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) participation. Indeed, 12-Step therapy (TS) is the prevailing alcohol treatment model in the United States. The focus of current research has now shifted from whether TS is beneficial to those with alcohol-related problems to questions of …∞

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    Alcoholic Brain Damage Regrowth

    Abstinence May Make The Brain Grow Stronger • Chronic alcohol abuse leads to structural brain damage. • The damage includes loss of gray matter in the cortex and loss of white matter throughout the brain. • The greatest tissue loss occurs in the frontal lobe and cerebellum. • Prolonged abstinence from alcohol appears to allow …∞

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    Continuous Abstinence for 2 Years

    Categorical 12-step involvement and continuous abstinence at 2 years A longitudinal analysis of 12-step involvement was conducted among a U.S. sample of patients exiting treatment for substance dependence. Categorical involvement in a set of 12-step activities and summary scores of involvement from the Alcoholics Anonymous Affiliation Scale were examined in relation to continuous abstinence and …∞

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    Meeting Attendance and Abstinence

    Do 12 step meeting attendance trajectories over 9 years predict abstinence? This study grouped treatment-seeking individuals (n = 1825) by common patterns of 12-step attendance using 5 waves of data (75% interviewed Year 9) to isolate unique characteristics and use-related outcomes distinguishing each class profile. The “high” class reported the highest attendance and abstention. The …∞

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    AA and Spirituality

    What can be confidently said about AA in general and about the role of spirituality in AA in particular? First, there is convincing evidence that alcoholism severity predicts later AA attendance. Second, atheists are less likely to attend AA, relative to individuals who already hold spiritual and/or religious beliefs. However, belief in God before AA …∞

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    Better Treatment for Women Alcoholics

    Early treatment for women with alcohol addiction (EWA) reduces mortality: a randomized controlled trial with long-term register follow-up. Compared to usual treatment, over the next 27 years introduction of a comprehensively serviced female-only alcohol treatment unit in Sweden substantially extended the lives of its patients – a uniquely convincing demonstration that improving treatment can save …∞

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