Twelve Step

Education for Twelve Step Facilitation of alcoholism and addiction

  • AA and Spirituality

    Spirituality plays an important role in the rehabilitation of many substance-dependent people

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    50 Most Read Articles January ‘08

    AA & 12-Step Treatment AA Can Help Most Alcoholics Al-Anon offers new life Alcohol and Anxiety Alcoholic Defense Mechanisms Alcoholics Anonymous and Nursing Alcoholism Treatment in a Nursing Home An Introduction to Medication for Alcohol Dependence Anti-craving Drugs Binge Drinking & Brain Damage Brief Intervention in Emergency Room is Effective Brief-TSF Description Characteristics of Children …∞

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    Bulimia Similar to Addiction

    Bulimia Nervosa and Substance Use Disorder Similarities and Differences Abstract The purpose of this study was to compare bulimia nervosa (BN) and substance use disorders (SUD) in cognitive-motivational terms. The cognitive orientation theory was used as a framework for testing the hypothesis that the commonality between BN and SUD consists of a similar motivational disposition …∞

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