Twelve Step

Education for Twelve Step Facilitation of alcoholism and addiction

  • Mutual-help Groups

    Mutual-help Groups (MHGs) for alcohol use disorders Despite developments in medications and behavioral therapies, MHGs remain the most commonly sought source of help for alcohol use disorders in the United States. MHGs are groups of two or more people who share a problem and come together to provide problem-specific help and support to one another. …∞

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    WHO Intervention Guide

    Image via Wikipedia WHO simplifies treatment of mental and neurological disorders A new Intervention guide to facilitate the management of depression, alcohol use disorders, epilepsy and other common mental disorders in the primary health-care setting GENEVA — Millions of people with common, but untreated, mental, neurological and substance use disorders can now benefit from new …∞

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    Alcohol-Use Disorders in the Critically Ill Patient.

    Image via Wikipedia Alcohol abuse and dependence, referred to as alcohol-use disorders (AUDs), affect 76.3 million people worldwide and account for 1.8 million deaths per year. AUDs affect 18.3 million Americans (7.3% of the population), and up to 40% of hospitalized patients have AUDs. This review discusses the development and progression of critical illness in …∞

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    Suicide and Alcohol

    Alcohol Use Disorders among Patients Examined in Emergency Departments after a Suicide Attempt To assess the prevalence of alcohol use disorders (AUD) in a population of patients examined following attempted suicide and compare suicide attempts with and without AUD. 180 patients examined in an emergency department after a suicide attempt were compared with 180 controls …∞

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    AA Helps Reduce Victimisation Symptoms and Drinking

    Image via Wikipedia Violence victimization, help-seeking, and one- and eight-year outcomes of individuals with alcohol use disorders. We examined the associations of recent victimization with subsequent participation in alcohol-related treatment and mutual help, and with short- and long-term drinking and health outcomes. Treatment-naïve men and women having an alcohol use disorder with (n = 73) …∞

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