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  • Binge Drinking & Brain Damage

    Binge Drinking & Brain
    Damage Injury Risk Highest
    Among Binge Drinkers
    Binge drinkers have a
    higher risk of alcohol-
    related injury than chronic,
    heavy drinkers, the Health
    Behavior News Service
    reported Feb. 22. Binge-
    drinking women who
    otherwise drink in
    moderation had seven
    times the risk of injury as
    nondrinkers, while binge-
    drinking men increased
    their injury risk sixfold.
    “It’;s not only the amount
    of alcohol consumed that
    shapes the risk for injury,
    but also the usual
    consumption pattern,” said
    study author Gerhard Gmel
    of the Swiss Institute for
    the Prevention of Alcohol
    and Drug Problems. “At
    highest risk are those who
    usually consume
    moderately but sometimes
    binge drink. This is true for

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    Preventing Brain Damage in Alcoholism

    Studies have demonstrated that between 30 and 80% of alcoholics are thiamine deficient, and this puts them at risk of developing the Wernicke–Korsakoff (WK) syndrome.

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    Stress Affects Relapse

     Study Examines Link Between Stress RelapseA new animal study finds that a stress-related gene and brain chemical may play a role in addiction relapse, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).Researchers from NIAAA and Camerino University in Italy found that rats that showed a preference for alcohol were more sensitive to …∞

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