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  • Doctors Drinking Affects Next Days Surgery

    Persistent Next-Day Effects of Excessive Alcohol Consumption on Laparoscopic Surgical Performance Purpose; To examine the effect of previous-day excessive alcohol consumption on laparoscopic surgical performance. Study 1 was a randomized controlled trial. Study 2 was a cohort study. Sixteen science students (laparoscopic novices) participated in study 1. Eight laparoscopic experts participated in study 2. All …∞

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    Postural Sway in Alcoholics

    Postural sway among abstinent alcoholics can be improved up to a point Excessive sway during quiet standing is a common and significant consequence of chronic alcoholism, even after prolonged sobriety, and can lead to fall-related injury and even death. A new study of residual postural instability in alcohol-abstinent men and women shows that alcoholics improve …∞

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