Twelve Step

Education for Twelve Step Facilitation of alcoholism and addiction

  • Alcohol & Drug Use in an Educated Workforce

    This study examined alcohol and licit and illicit drug use in a highly educated medical related workforce.

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    Substance use among Dutch dental students.

    The objectives of this research were to assess the prevalence of substance use among Dutch dental students and to determine their attitudes about substance use and its consequences. METHODS: In association with a national study of drug use among US dental students, a questionnaire was translated from English into Dutch and administered to dental students …∞

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    Medical Marijuana

    American Society of Addiction Medicine Public Policy Statement on Medical Marijuana Background In the last twenty years, both the scientific community and the public have become interested in the therapeutic potential of cannabis and cannabinoids. Scientific interest has been based in large part on the discovery and elucidation of the endocannabinoid receptor system. Popular interest …∞

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