Brief-TSF Treatment Setting

Brief-TSF can be used with both individuals who have never sought treatment and those who had previous treatment and aftercare clients. The model is flexible enough to accommodate all of these client groups.

However, since Brief-TSF relies heavily on client involvement in community-based 12 step fellowship and meetings, it would be less ideally implemented in a long-term inpatient setting.

Many Twelve Step Fellowship members are willing to visit ‘Newcomers’ in hospital. Brief-TSF can easily be integrated into a general mental health outpatient clinic setting.

BriefTSF is designed to be used in the context of short-term individual adjunct therapy by general healthcare and other helping profession workers. BriefTSF is specifically intended to be implemented by nurses, doctors, psychologists, social workers, counselors etc while addressing other current issues (ie, medical treatment, relationship counselling, legal issues).

Brief-TSF is not time limited. After assessment support can last as long as the healthcare worker is seeing the client. It is intended to be implemented within a scheduled session often with another focus. The initial assessment session can last up to one hour, and regular support can be incorporated into other sessions.

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