Mutual Support: For Professionals

This article at Faces and Voices of Recovery details some of the issues in working with mutual and self-help fellowships for recovery from various substance abuse issues.

Subjects include;

A. Problems and Pitfalls in Working With Mutual Support Groups

  • Taking Over the Peer Helper Role
  • Over identification with Resistance
  • Problems with Religion
  • Gender Issues
  • Discomfort in groups
  • Lack of transportation and other logistical barriers
  • Working at Cross Purposes With the Group

B. Indicators of Mutual Support Involvement

C. Aids to Working With Mutual Support Groups

  • General
  • American Self Help Clearinghouse Self help Sourcebook online
  • National Mental Health Consumers’ Self Help Clearinghouse
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Mental Illness

D. Professional Responsibilties

E. Readings & References

Note: A PDF version of this guide for professionals is also available.

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